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      Commentary for MDC advertising video

      MUNDO DA CASA,簡稱MDC,英語意為the center for home。
      MUNDO DA CASA, also known as MDC,it means the center for Home in English.

      MDC Shopping Center致力于為您提供貼心的家居一站式購物服務。

      MDC means more choices. Over 15,000 types of items are available in four major series. The home improvement department includes hardware, lamps, water and electricity material, decoration material, kitchen and sanitary material and all other essential accessories. The home furniture department is the gallery of thebedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen collection also covers children, offices and outdoor activities.To complete your dream home, the home supply series are available including home textiles, tableware, toys and decoration accessories and much more. The electric appliance department is the showcase for home appliances and digital devices.

      MDC also presents you with garden-liking feel, spacious, comfortable shopping environment and series of comprehensive post-sales services including delivery, installation, maintenance and all other tailored services (et cetera).In addition, the online service platform as well as O2O system will deliver better shopping experience for you.

      Users can benefit from the efficient supply chain of MDC. Supported by the international procurement network logistics system,direct supply chain from factory to MDC; the state of art ERP system will streamline the supply chain, warehousing, operation and post-sale services aim for seamless operation with most,cost-effective products and services.

      Not only the consumer, but also the local government can benefit from the employment and market opportunities that brought by MDC as well. Each MDC location provides nearly 300 jobs, generates much more valuable business in the surrounding neighborhood. By providing employees with good working and living conditions, the MDC, at the same time,committed fulfill their social responsibilities and also receive many social awards.

      MDC “區域核心商務園區+模塊連鎖”模式探索了一條新的全球化商業連鎖運營道路,結合中國“一帶一路”政策,將具有更強大的生命力。
      The operation model of MDC, regional core business park + module chain, is committed to develop and expand in emerging developing countries,With this model, combined with China's " One Belt and One Road" policy, It will have more powerful vitality.

      MDC will make every effort to create better homes with you!